Draft Villages Public Art Trail

As the Tony Hillier sculptures are now in place, we have started work on producing an art trail for the village, detailing the location of the current Public Art works located in Histon and Impington. This draft map can be found here: HIPC Public Art Map

Eventually we will link this to our website, and include links to acquire more information. but if you are out and about in the coming weeks please use the map to visit places of interest. that you might not have realised are there!


4 comments on “Draft Villages Public Art Trail

  1. Thank you for posting the map. This looks absolutely great and provides an interesting outdoor activity for people to follow at this time. I am going to send this to my friends and relatives who live away from the village and see what their comments are.

  2. Enjoy looking for the sculptures but could not find the spider, can anyone give us a clue as to which tree or side of the green it is on

  3. As part of my daily walk, and I am trying to do at least 10k a day to reach my Million Steps by Aril 20 as part of Arthur Ranks’ fundraiser, I passed the camel on Thursday, it’s lovely. I walked from my home in West Chesterton down the guided busway and through the back road in to the village.. Then back via the pedestrian access over the A14 and Arbury Road. I knew I had done quite a few steps that day .It turned out to be over 15k and I could show my husband I had ended up in Africa – with a camel ! Hopefully another day I may walk through the village and see the others.Wonderful idea

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