Covid-19: what should we do to stop it getting worse?

This might be as bad as it gets.

But there again it could get worse and whether or not it does it’s down to us.

The numbers are something else. In the 7 days to 4 Dec 20 Histon & Impington recorded 6 new infections. In the 7 days to 4 Jan 21 it recorded 80.

We all have our fingers crossed that the vaccine roll out goes well and protects us but that will take time. In the meantime we’ve got to do what we can to reduce our infection rate. This means following the rules and maybe going a little further. We should think what our currently normal day-to-day activities are and ask which may now take place in a more Covid compliant way.

Chris Whitty said today …  ‘it is really important that everybody, in every interaction that they have, every day for the next few weeks, thinks: do I really need to do this?’

On the other hand we should absolutely not second guess the rules. We are an opinionated community which by its nature asks questions and challenges authority. Now is not the time for that. Follow the rules. Remember: hands, face and space. No compromise. If we don’t more people will become infected, more people will go to hospital and more people will die.

There is good news. Our shops are open as normal (where allowed to so do). We thank them and their employees for that. Let’s go further and make it easy for them to operate safely by strictly following the rules and normalising good Covid compliant behaviour.

The community has done well to support itself and the network of street coordinators can provide help and support where needed. If you don’t know who your street coordinator is please call the HELP line on 01223 320420.

If you need specific help please call one of the other numbers below:

Prescriptions:               01223 651518 to collect a prescription for you

Food parcels:               01223 233492 if you and/or your family need help to buy food

Mental well-being:      07922 083991 if you or someone you know needs support

Transport:                    07982 108927 to take you to get your vaccination

HELP                            01223 320420 for any other Covid related matters

Please remember: if there’s an emergency dial 999 straight away.

As a community we can remember the relative good times of last summer when we had lots of opportunities. Our problem now is a combination of cold weather and the new strain but there’s no reason why we should not enjoy this summer as well. But we do need to be strict with the way that we follow the rules in the meantime.


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  1. Civid Vaccinations

    With all due respect to the hard working staff at Firs House Surgery, is there any news on when the roll out of vaccinations in our village might start? I keep checking the Surgery’s website and nothing has been posted on the subject since 8 December, the day the very first vaccination was carried out in the UK! Surely there have been some developments since then, or, perhaps Firs House are not participating in the programme. Some news would be reassuring.

  2. Yesterday I encountered two older women sat on the bench with flask in the wood towards Girton. On Sunday three car loads of people parked and the corner of Gatehouse Road 6 adults and 3 children and all walked in a group complete with cups of coffee and walked across the bridleway to Westwick.

    Want is the matter with people

  3. Hi Keith,

    The COVID-19 group met today and Firs House confirmed there would be more information on Firs House website within the next few days.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Many thanks for your reply. I notice that Firs House have posted a Civid19 vaccination update today! It’s quite evasive and vague – apparently for security reasons!!
      HisImp locals must be seen as a most unlawful lot, so different to residents in areas around south and east Ely – Haddenham, Littleport, Burwell and Soham where it seems the roll out of their vaccination programme is public knowledge with vaccines administered as much as 2 weeks ago.
      I sense Firs House are being strangely “economic with the truth” which is such a shame as normally they look after us so well.

      Kind regards

      Keith Tyler

    • Hi Yvonne,
      Many thanks for your update. I had a similar response from Firs House practice manager – promising an announcement next week.
      I fail to see the point in this evasiveness, it definitely smells of either a cover up of some administrative error or just good old fashioned arrogance at being questioned.
      The citing of security as reason for withholding information is nonsense, unless it is proposed to carry out the local vaccination programme in secret!
      There is quite probably a good reason why they have not been able to commence our local vaccination programme, there’s no problem with that, but just give everyone some comfort with the knowledge that something is going on! After all the media and medical professionals are very concerned about the mental damage that is being done to a proportion of the public by the isololation and worry caused by the pandemic.
      Some local good news of the vaccinations being rolled out will help alleviate this.

      On a more light hearted note, I loved the piece about Histon Junior School which included a picture of one of my old classmates – Jonnie Johnson. Smashing. I think the site would be ideal for resiting Firs House Surgery etc.

      Kind regards, stay safe,

      Keith Tyler


    Wonderful news everyone, I have learnt that vaccinations are commencing for Firs House Surgery patients at Milton and Over Centres.
    Telephoned invitations were going out yesterday 17 January.
    Hoorah!! And huge thanks to everyone enabling this tremendous good news.

    Keith Tyler

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