Covid-19: continued vigilance necessary

Residents of Histon & Impington (including King’s Meadow) and Orchard Park may be aware that the rate of infection in our community (as reported on has risen in recent days. In South Cambs it has almost doubled and our rate locally is double that in South Cambs. However both rates are still below the national average.

It is possible that some of this rise is linked with the recently reported cases at Histon & Impington Infants School and Impington Village College’s 6th form. Both situations have been and are being very carefully and competently managed in full compliance with government guidelines. The former is already one week old and no further related infections have been reported. The latter has been reported this morning and involves about 10 pupils. Two study groups are now self-isolating. Note that a previous outbreak at IVC’s 6th form which led to it being closed for 2 weeks was successfully managed.

Sadly this is no surprise. The government told us that there would be infections resulting from the re-opening of schools and universities and that’s one of the reasons why we are now in Lockdown 2, to reduce infections from other sources.

In our communities conformance with lockdown rules has been good but these recent statistics just remind us that it’s not over yet. This Covid battle has still to be won so we must continue to exercise caution in the way in which we conduct our lives.

We are fortunate that the food and other essential shops in our high streets are supporting us by remaining open. We thank them for that and encourage everyone to use them and to observe the rules when they do.

So: stay at home if possible, socially distance and wear a mask when going out, wash hands, and get tested if symptoms occur. And get the NHS app. It works (as Boris Johnson can testify)!

Our Covid response teams are active again and if anyone has any reason to ask for help or information they should call 01223 320420 (Histon & Impington) or use the contact form on (Orchard Park).

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