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I’m Ros Hathorn I’m 42 years old and have lived in Impington since 2010.  I grew up in Sawston which although it is on the other side of Cambridge has a very similar system in terms of schools so the school system here seems very familiar and I know the area well.

I have three children a 5 year old who attends the infants school and 2 8 year olds who are at the junior school.  I work from home so feel sometimes as though I never leave the village.   I joined the PTA at the infants school when my children started school and was chair for a year.  I live next to the A14 so have been heavily involved in the A14 action group which if nothing else has taught me quite how untouchable Highways England really are.  I recently got involved in starting an informal healthy/ safer streets group where we are trying to come up with a variety of ways to get people out of their cars locally.


I joined the PTA when my eldest children began school.  I thought at the time that their education was of primary importance for their futures and their success and the most helpful thing I could do for them would be to get involved with their schools.   The tsunami of evidence that has since been published regarding climate change have lead me to change my priorities I now think the biggest threat to my childrens futures and their ‘success’ is climate change and the impact this will have on their lives.  I am saddened by the lack of progress we have made across the globe during my adult life despite having known the science when I was at school so now I want to get involved at a local political level to try to get things changed as quickly as possible here.   That is why I have decided to stand for the Parish Council.   I am a pragmatist and always believe it is better to do something and get things moving than to strive for something which will never happen and believe that the community spirit and values that exist in this community will enable us as a community to move forwards in an ever greener ever more sustainable way.