Council agrees support for Abbey Fields

At its meeting on Monday the Parish Council unanimously agreed to support the acquisition of Long Meadow and the Croft Close Set Aside for and by the community.

The Parish Council will set up a charity which will raise funds to buy these fields and which will then be responsible for ensuring that they continue to be accessible by the community.

This opportunity has been pulled together by a task & finish group which has itself worked with the buyers of the Abbey Farms estate to make this possible. Pledges of funding have already been made and the group is confident that it will be able raise sufficient further moneys to enable it to acquire the fields without recourse to Parish Council funds.


2 comments on “Council agrees support for Abbey Fields

  1. Great news that this important area will be secured for the community. I would like to make a donation if a donate area could be created on the PC website, or a link to a separate charity website?

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