Congratulations Denis Payne

Many of you will have read in HI Hub, HI People and our Church Network magazine about the prestigious award of the Bishop of Ely’s Etheldreda Medal being awarded to our Parish Council Chairman Denis Payne in recognition of his outstanding and unselfish service to our Community.

Histon & Impington Parish Council wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Denis as he accepts this this award and to give you an insight into the work that Denis has been doing in his role of Chairman.

Denis has been leading the Parish Council to increase the Community Engagement that you as residents see from Histon & Impington Parish Council.  He has been working with our Clerk to make sure that information on new initiatives and council activities is made available on Histon & Impington Parish Council website, Hi Hub, HI People and our offline village and church magazines as a priority.  He is also ensuring that any questions the residents are asking of the Council are promptly answered on HI People and taking any concerns back to the Councillor team for debate and decision.

On Friday the local Councils Conference held online for the very first time and Denis mobilised his team to ensure all the workshops being run at the Council were attended by Histon & Impington to give us as Councillors a better insight to the changing world of Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge and Peterborough Association of Local Councils (CAPALC) and Cambridgeshire ACRE.  He is passionate about the use of Technology for improving communication and innovation on Histon & Impington Parish Council and is taking back all we learnt on Friday for discussion by Councillors.

He has also over the past few months been working to increase our outreach with the Parish Councils of North East Cambridgeshire to increase the strength of our responses to the many large developments that are now coming our way including Anglia Water’s Consultation around re-siting Milton Sewage Works, the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP) and the extension of Cambridge Science Park North under the recent publication of the Call for Sites

Please join with me in congratulating Denis on this important award.

Please keep watching all our communications channels to keep up with the new initiatives that are coming through Council under Denis’s leadership.

Congratulations Denis on this well deserved award.

Yvonne Murray, Vice-Chair, Histon & Impington Parish Council

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