Come and meet the Tony Hillier sculptures in their new homes

After many weeks of planning, five of Tony Hillier’s statues have joined Truffle the pig in finding new homes around the villages.

As many of you will know, Truffle moved to his new location at the Community Orchard in Manor Field last weekend, and over the past two days the Camel, Andy Cap, Grandfather and Grandson, Man and Dog and the Spider have also been on their travels and arrived at their new locations.

Their new locations are as follows:

Camel – at the entrance to the village, next to the B1049 and the Coppice

Andy Cap – Clay Close Lane Pocket Park

Grandfather and Grandson – Cottenham Road and the B1049 junction

Man and Dog – Homefield Park

Spider – in a tree on the Village Green (see if you can find him!)

Some of the statues have temporary fencing around them while they settle in, and on the signs on each one you will find some links using the app What3Words to the next two nearest statues. This is a free app to download and maps the whole world into three metre squares using three random words – it is a very exact location tool, and currently being recommended by the emergency services.

Later in the year we are hoping to link these and other art installations together into an art trail, so you can wander round the villages finding the sites.


12 comments on “Come and meet the Tony Hillier sculptures in their new homes

  1. Thanks for explaining the 3 word thing Terry , that was my next question to Chris . Got it all in front of me but thought it was meant to be a clue !!!! Now i know . Jen xxx

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Unique to Histon and Impington, a bit of joy in these difficult times, and a fitting reminder of a resident’s generosity. Well done!

  3. Thank you so much for allowing Tony’s wonderful creations to be on show in our villages. They will brighten our days now and in the future.

  4. Lovely adventure walking around Histon & Impington today to find all these Sculptures! A real motivation during these tough times and an amazing addition to our village history! Thank you 🙂

    • The answer is, we supported the position established by Tony and Joan to permit specific sculptures to be chalked. Tony and Joan supported this when the Sculpture were in their Garden to encourage engagement of young children. This has been a well establish tradition over the years. So we have posted on the sculptures this position that they can be chalked for the same reason encouraging engagement and enjoyment for young children. We are however reviewing this position to determine if it something we should continue to support only on the ground that some people might not understand this tradition and principle and see this activity as vandalism. We don’t consider chalking to be vandalism for the reason given above and because it can and does get washed off. We have also asked our rangers on their daily inspection around the village to check on the sculptures and to remove and offensive or inappropriate chalking.

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