Chancellor’s autumn statement: good news for Cambridge

Hidden away in the Chancellor’s autumn statement it says:

‘1.235 The government is committed to delivering with Greater Cambridge their proposals on Gain Share a payment by results mechanism whereby the local area will be able to keep a larger proportion of the proceeds of economic growth generated in, and around, the city of Cambridge. This recognises the growth potential that exists in Greater Cambridge and will drive economic growth and accelerate transport and housing infrastructure by unlocking over £1 billion of investment.’

This is the ‘City Deal’ and will enable CCC,SCDC and the City to gain access to about £1.5 billion to invest in infrastructure. It requires the three authorities to work together.

Histon & Impington is included in the geography covered by the City Deal and we can expect that some of the money will come in our direction to improve bus services, improve cycle routes and to enable better traffic flows.



5 comments on “Chancellor’s autumn statement: good news for Cambridge

  1. Yay for improved cycle routes… which leads me to question, now that the A14/B1049 roundabout is complete, has whomever designed that system ever been on two wheels?

    Cyclists know that small sharp right angled turns are difficult, and both the pedestrian/cycle crossings require cyclists to turn and halt on a tiny downward sloping slippery bumpy surface at a right angle which otherwise leads directly into a flow of traffic. (The northbound route has more space, but the southbound first crossing route is tiny)

    Signs reminding drivers to indicate on and off roundabouts wouldn’t go amiss either.

    Sorry for the rant!

    Has anyone else had a positive cycle experience of this new “improved” junction.

    • Fair enough but we are constrained by the drop at the back of the path. We have increaseed the space by maybe a metre.

      • Indeed, I realise that the crossing I’m most concerned with is on an embankment with a steep drop behind leaving little width to play with.

        However, given that the crossings are now light-controlled there is perhaps no requirement for them to cross at 90 degrees to the traffic (other than ‘convention’). The crossing could perhaps have taken a shallow angle across the slip road more parallel with the circular flow of traffic enabling more cycles to stack up at the cycle lights and not have to navigate a tricky 90 degree turn.

        Of course had I realised this earlier on and been more keyed up on local issues (I’m only new to the scene) I might have raised a suggestion. Its a real shame the bridge idea was a no-goer. I shall steel myself to see the positives in this junction re-design (or just cycle round with the cars!).

        • Good comment but let’s recognise that many cyclists will not wait for the lights to change, they don’t have to, but will simply cross when they see a safe break in the traffic.

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