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Cambridgeshire to become Enhanced Response Area for tackling COVID-19

Rising rates in older people coupled with building pressures on local health and education services led to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Councils, who are both responsible for public health, to ask Government to grant the whole area ‘enhanced response area’ status for at least five weeks from Monday November 1 – to bring down infection rates which are currently higher in most areas than seen in January’s peak.

The ERA status allows the Councils to push for additional support to increase vaccinations, and, working with DfE, on additional measures in schools.

And for the general population an additional communications push will also begin from next week

  • Recommending wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas where you come into contact with people you do not usually meet
  • Reminding people to get their vaccinations, test regularly and particularly before attending events, meet with others outside their households in well ventilated spaces and wash hands regularly and well

For more details, see the Cambridgeshire County Council press release


One comment on “Cambridgeshire to become Enhanced Response Area for tackling COVID-19

  1. I was very surprised, and not a little disappointed, to find that were only two sites available for obtaining booster vaccinations to cover the whole of Cambridge when the Government were trying to impress on us the need for a rapid response before the winter spike.I feel the complaint of a falling off in response in vaccination rates is only too understandable with this sort of supply situation leading to nearly a three week delay before an appointment becomes available.

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