Bin Days are Changing!

From Monday 27th February, most households across the district will have a change to the day bins will be emptied, to the sequence in which their black or blue and green bins are collected, or to the time of their collection

Every household will receive a leaflet detailing the bin changes and a spring 2017 collection calendar shortly. These are also available to collect from the Parish Office

Collection dates up to Tuesday 21st February for Histon & Impington:

Tuesday 31st January – Blue and Green

Tuesday 7th February – Black

Tuesday 14th February – Blue

Tuesday 21st February – Black

Change in Schedule – it would appear there is no blue bin collection after 14th February until 10th March. Please note extra recycling will be collected on your new bin day if left next to the blue bin in a cardboard box or returnable container

Friday 3rd March – Black

Friday 10th March – Blue and Green

Friday 17th March – Black

Friday 24th March – Blue and Green

Friday 31st March – Black




8 comments on “Bin Days are Changing!

  1. Ridiculous – A switch over to cause maximum disruption, Why not make Friday 3rd March a Blue and Green, We will just not recycle between 21st Feb and 3rd March – everything will go into the Black bin.

    Histon Parish Council – please feed this back to SCDC.

  2. Just received the new collection schedule from the council. How did we end up with the worst day (Friday)? Friday collection means that whenever there is a bank holiday, Friday bin collections gets pushed beyond the weekend.

    Why did our Parish council agree to this?
    Will our council tax be reduced accordingly?

    When there is a longer gap that usual between collections, why can’t the bin men collect extra black bin waste (in bin bags) and garden waste, Instead of us having to take it to the recycling center?

  3. “Histon resistance” – why hide behind a nom de plume?

    Important thing here is that we (because we pay SCDC’s bills) will save a lot of money here – that’s good to hear! Council Tax unlikely to go down – but may go up less, or be put to better use elsewhere?

    And since somewhere will be collected on Fridays – why not us?

  4. “why hide behind a nom de plume?” – because I wish to and your comment is not relevant to the questions I have asked.

    “And since somewhere will be collected on Fridays – why not us?” – Because it is the worst day for the reasons I have stated.

  5. Just found out that this change in bin collection will save the council £700k over 3 years. Just about cover the chief execs salary.

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