B1049 Carriageway Maintenance – Night Closure

We have received the following information from Cambridgeshire County Council:

Cambridgeshire County Council and their appointed contractor Jackson Civils, will shortly be undertaking essential carriageway maintenance works on the B1049, Impington. The works will involve the full width resurfacing of approximately 500 linear metres

The section of road shown on the attached map will be kept closed from 20:00 to 06:00 from the 25th February to 2nd March to enable works to be completed safely and efficiently. For the duration of the works there will be a signed diversion route as detailed on the attached map.

Access will be allowed for residents and businesses situated within the closure only

There will be some noise associated with the works which is unavoidable, however we will try our best to keep disruption to a minimum

If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us

Telephone: 0345 045 5212

Email: local.projects@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


10 comments on “B1049 Carriageway Maintenance – Night Closure

  1. This is an absolute joke. No other Parish Council would allow this. It is designed for maximum disruption. Why shut off both sides of the road for re-surfacing? Also, why such a long stretch of road at once, when a shorter stretch would allow a shorted diversion?

    • Planning for this closure was based on minimising cost and the time for which residents are going to be inconvenienced. By closing both sides of the road enables the work to be completed quicker, reducing the impact on local businesses and keeping noise disruption to nearby residents to a minimum.

  2. Can cyclists still get to the flyover? My husband works nights and it is a bloody long way round on a bike otherwise! Thanks

  3. This is completely un-acceptable.
    I want to know who agreed to it in the PC as I wlll be sure not to vote for then again

  4. The Parish Council wasn’t consulted on how the works are to be done. The roads and these works are the responsibility of the County Council.

    The Government has given them money, to be spent by the end of March. It is therefore critical that work is completed as quickly as possible.

    Because of the urgency all of the decisions will have been taken by officers at the County Council

  5. We are being told that as soon as the Bridge Road works completes, work on the A10 will start but there isn’t any information of precisely which part of the A10 the works will be taking place on

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