About us

The primary role of the Parish Council is to represent parishioners on issues affecting the community, to District, County and Central Government.

The Parish Council owns, or has on long terms leases, and is responsible for the Rec, the various children’s playgrounds at the Rec, on the Green and on South Road, the Coppice, Homefield Park and Manor Park Field, the allotments on Gatehouse Lane and Glebe Road, and the cemetery. It has a budget of almost £400 thousand and outstanding debts of about £400 thousand. Fortunately because it collects its precept in advance from South Cambs it also has substantial investments and bank balances of up to £800 thousand.

In addition to managing its ‘property portfolio’ (see above) the Council also:

  • secures funding for road improvements; this year we will see a start to the improvements at the Station Road/High Street junction
  • reviews and comments on all planning applications relating to property in the community
  • co-ordinates and funds youth activities

This year it is embarking on the development of a Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) which will describe how the people of Histon and Impington want their community to develop. This is targeted for completion in  2015 when it will constitute a ‘material planning consideration’ and will influence the way that development in the village can take place. Click on the Neighbourhood Plan tab in the menu bar for more information about the Plan.

Council meetings  are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Recreation Centre, Histon & Impington Recreation Ground, New Road. All the Council’s meetings including those of its committees (but excepting the Employment Committee and agenda items for other meetings which relate to sensitive personal or financial matters) are open to the public.

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