A14: what’s going on?

People are shocked at the extent of clearance work now taking place on both sides of the B1049 as it approaches the A14. It seems to be more than was expected and makes us worry again about noise barriers, pollution and restoring the lost vegetation.

County Councillor David Jenkins has been in contact with Highways England and has arranged for its senior project manager and the ‘stakeholder manager’ from the contractor to come along and to address the Parish Council. They will be along earlier to engage in an informal Q&A session with residents before the meeting at 6.45pm.

The parish council meeting itself starts at 7.30. It is a meeting held in public and following the presentation by the guests there will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions more formally.


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  1. Apologies for not being able to attend, could the PC please post an update to this forum following the meeting.

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