A14 Girton to Histon Pinch Point Scheme – Update

The works currently taking place around the Girton Interchange are separate to the A14 Girton to Histon Pinch Point Scheme.  They involve some embankment stabilisation works and drainage repairs as part of the ongoing maintenance programme.  They will be completed by the end of March in advance of the Pinch Point Scheme

The Highways Agency have advised that the A14 Girton to Histon Pinch Point scheme contract has now been awarded to Costain.  The start of works date is 14th April 2014

Road users affected by this work are advised to plan ahead and allow extra time for travel.

To keep up to date with A14 improvements issues locally, see http://www.highways.gov.uk/roads/road-projects/a14-junction-31-to-32-eastbound-and-westbound-improvements/


6 comments on “A14 Girton to Histon Pinch Point Scheme – Update

  1. Great, more pinch points. As a cyclist I think the idea of forcing me out into the traffic flow is really sensible. Cars accelerate to squeeze into the pinch point before bikes or simply ignore the riders and . . . ah yes, that would be where ‘pinch’ comes in.

  2. What does the Pinch Point Scheme entail? I’ve read the Highways Agency information and it’s just a collection of words – I am none the wiser for having read it. Is it solely dedicated to creating those horrendous pinch points to which Chris D above refers?

    There appears to be next to no plans in place to improve cycling facilities – it all seems to be for the benefit of motorists. As a wise man (I forget who, but I am sure he was wise) once said, “widening roads to cure congestion is like loosening a belt to cure obesity”. Until steps are taken to genuinely improve transport schemes which don’t involve cars (for example by improving the safety of and the cycling experience for people on bikes), people will still rely on their cars to get from A to B and congestion will remain an issue.

    • I believe Pinch Point projects address bits of the road network that are congested and less inclined to flow as freely. The ‘Pinch’ bit is the tailbacks, congestion, and maybe higher number of incidents that a project may seek to remedy. And because it’s the Highways Agency, it relates to Trunk Roads (A14, M11, A428, etc).

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